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Welcome to St. Thomas Covenant Church

We're SO thankful you're checking us out! The apostle Thomas (one of Jesus' original 12 followers) is often referred to as the patron saint of doubters. He inspires us at STCC. We believe that the God we worship is big enough to wrestle with, to question, to yell at, and to fight with. In fact, the people of Israel got their name by being those who wrestle and prevail with God. We want to live into that tradition, so at STCC we welcome your questions and your doubts. 

Beyond that, we are about creativity. We are tired of the old, the outdated, and the irrelevant. And we are working to breathe new life into the Church! We are going to do things differently. No more thys and thous -- we want to pray the way people talk. We want our rituals to make sense to our neighbors. So join our effort in helping us do church better. We need you! 

We are an Evangelical Covenant Church and Here's what we believe.





466 McGilchrist St. SE
Salem, OR 97302

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Our Mission

Our mission is to reframe timeless Christian truths & practices in a language and style that makes sense today; and to wrestle honestly with how those truths & practices impact our lives now.


Our Vision

We are called to reach those who have been let down by the Church and invite them home; to develop healthy followers of Jesus; and to transform our neighborhoods into loving, safe, and welcoming communities.


Our Values

We value authenticity, wrestling with God, loving our neighbor, creativity in worship, growing in faith, and remaining rooted to the historic mission of Jesus

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Who are we?

Mat Hollen is the pastor at St. Thomas. Mat has been involved in the Evangelical Covenant for seven years. He studied theology in college and went on to complete a Masters of Divinity from George Fox Evangelical Seminary. Mat worked for the para-church ministry, Young Life, for five years and has a passion for helping people see how compelling Jesus can be. Mat is married to his incredible wife Becca and they live in near Bush Park with their dog Zoey


But we are not a church of pastors. We are a church of people.  St. Thomas is made up of so many incredible people. We are young. We are old. We are rich. We are poor. We are educated. We aren't. We like tea and coffee, beer and wine, juice and milk. We are thinkers, feelers, artists, musicians, teachers, learners, and so much more. We come together often to talk about life, faith, fear, doubt and how they all intersect. Together we do our best to follow Jesus with our whole lives (though we fail often) and together we do our best to be Jesus' body in Salem and in the world.


Want to Get Involved at St. Thomas?

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Attend church and our monthly Supper Hub meetings

Share who we are and what we are doing with the people around you

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Be Open to participate in Spirit-led group discernment

Commit to regular financial giving

Offer your gifts to the vision

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Serve the needs of the church


Give to STCC

If you are interested in supporting St. Thomas Covenant Church there are three options to do so. 

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Drop your Check or Cash in the Joy Box located in the Sanctuary at any point during the Service! 


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Things to Pray For

At St. Thomas we believe that somehow, some way, prayer does something. And so as a church we are endeavoring to pray every Wednesday at 7pm. You can pray in the comfort of your own home, with fellow church folks, or anywhere else, really. 

Below you'll find our ever-changing (and rarely changing) list of things we'd love for you to join us in prayer for:


A Building

The space we are currently in is only temporary. We can certainly go back to the McKinley Elementary, but would prefer to end up in a permanent space somewhere in the central Salem area. Doors are currently opening for us at a location on 12th St. but we need wisdom (and money) to make that happen. So please be praying as we try to discern if this is right or not!

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While you might think our rag-tag little church is swimming in cash, the truth is we are only just surviving financially. We need to increase our giving by about $3000 a month to keep the doors open past December, 2017 let alone to afford a space of our own. 


A nursery 

While we are committed to being intergenerational we also recognize that the youngest among us, especially infants and toddlers, don't thrive in our space as it is. With that acknowledgement, we hope to launch nursery care in September, 2017 and need prayer with how best to do that. (And also helpers to make it sustainable) 


Trailer Storage

During the School year we set up and take down church out of an 12ftx8ft trailer. That trailer sits on the Hollen's concrete patio throughout the week. We are looking for a space to store the trailer while we are a mobile church in hopes that the Hollen's can use their patio during the year.